Pure water is bacteria free, germ free, virus free; it contains no waste matter, no pollutants and no minerals that your body cannot assimilate.

We have a complete in-store water purification system. To produce pure water, our system uses the Reverse Osmosis (RO) process coupled with charcoal filters and a UV high frequency light; a purification method acting on sediments, metals,minerals and chemicals, thus eliminating virtually all impurities. The resulting product is excellent in quality and pleasant in taste. It is ideal for drinking, making coffee, juice, ice cubes, cooking food and in home wine and beer making.


Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a water treatment process in which water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane by applying a high pressure. The membrane is designed to allow only water to pass through while preventing the passage of impurities.


  1. The tap water passes through an activated carbon filter to trap minerals and contaminants, such as: chlorine, pesticides, chloramines, mercury, copper, etc.
  2. The water then passes through a sediment filter to trap particles
  3. The water then makes its way to the RO membrane which allows only clean water to pass through and impurities are left behind and flushed down the drain
  4. Treated water is then sent to a storage tank
    1. Just before it is dispensed, the treated water is passed through another carbon filter to further improve the water’s taste and smell. It then goes through an ultra-violet lamp for disinfecting  any microbes that may escape filtering


  • -RO removes dissolved solids, salts, minerals that cause hardness, organic chemicals and other impurities
  • -It renders the water tasteless
  • -It will not produce scale in kettles and coffee makers because sodium and potassium are removed
  • -It is less expensive and more pure than spring water

It is inexpensive to fill your containers with this pure water. Prices (water only):

  • 4 litres: $1.00
  • 7.5 litres: $1.50
  • 11 litres: $2.25
  • 18 litres: $3.50

If you do not already possess an appropriate container, we have some available for those who visit our store.  Price (container with molded handle):

  • 18 litres: $9.95